Welcome to organizational way-finding

Welcome to a new way to move forward. To the space between the five-year plan and the right-now need. Get unstuck and turn possibilities into realities.

I’m the bridge between a management consultant and a marketing agency.

My sweet spot: helping clients find their way in implementing their strategic plan. I’m a bridge between a management consultant (who defines the five year plan) and a marketing agency (which focuses on executing programs). I fill the gap between those two by answering the question: “yes, but what’s the plan to meet our goal?”

I help businesses frame their execution plan for how to launch products, reposition themselves, generate sales, improve reputation, reorganize internally, bring on new skills and move a business through a transformation from today to tomorrow.

Wayfinding and
mentorship for

Scaling to the next level

Ensuring your teams are working as effectively as possible

Establishing which marketing programs will yield the greatest results

Establishing your core customer

Finding your organization's true purpose and difference

Determining what your internal and external stakeholders need to be successful



  • Current-state brand audit
  • Brand definition
  • Mission/vision/values definition
  • Core customer identification
  • Messaging
  • Facilitation
  • Priority setting

Marketing And
Execution Planning

  • Current-state marketing effectiveness audit
  • Goalsetting
  • Product line go-to-market strategies
  • Business development strategies
  • Communications programs
  • Program/project management
  • KPI definition

Messaging and

  • Communications and crisis messaging
  • Value proposition definition
  • Audience-specific messaging
  • Position development


  • Process analysis
  • Staffing and talent assessments
  • Role definition
  • Training
  • Change communications

Call me a business
person who’s a
marketing expert.

Hi! I’m Becky

As a business executive, I develop strategic plans and improve operational effectiveness through process changes, business development, revenue optimization and talent augmentation.

As a marketer I lead programs for international market leaders, beloved local small businesses, government entities and nonprofits. Over two decades working at marketing agencies, I created strategic plans, new brands, messaging frameworks, crisis communications and programs for stakeholder engagement, lead gen and visibility.

Above all, I love when an organization has a complex problem with an unclear path to resolution. My favorite thing is to bring varying groups into alignment against a common message and vision, arming teams with the right assets to realize a vision.

I’m a lover of languages, world traveler, healthcare advocate, Cornhusker, fruit bat holder, piranha fisher and the Word of Mouth Marketing Association Rock Paper Scissors Champion.

Hi! I’m Becky

Ready to
move forward?

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Ready to move forward?